My name is Julia Evanczuk. I'm a multidisciplinary front end web developer and motion graphics animator.

I build hand-crafted, responsive web experiences with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, and Drupal. I create videos and motion graphics using Adobe Creative Suite. I also like cats.

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I <3 the Internet

I'm a freelance front end developer with 5+ years of experience, based in New York City. As a self-taught developer, my innate curiosity drives me to keep learning every day. My focus is on interactivity, optimization, and responsive design using cutting edge technologies and tools.

I pay close attention to details and thrive under deadlines. Through friendly and frequent communication, I pride myself in my ability to seamlessly integrate into clients' teams.

When I am not working, I love reading novels, learning about outer space, and traveling to Flushing for Korean barbecue.

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What I Offer

Web Development

I develop fast and interactive front ends for WordPress, Drupal, and static websites, with attention to responsive layout and cross browser compatibility. I transform PSD, INDD, and AI designs into pixel-perfect digital experiences—exactly as your designers intended.


Javascript, jQuery
WordPress, Drupal

Server setup
Sass, Compass

Video + Motion Graphics

I help companies showcase their capabilities through creative and memorable online videos, encompassing motion graphics and live action. My film experience, combined with my background in marketing and strategic messaging, allows me to take care of a project in its entirety, from concept development and scripting through to production, editing, and animation.


Canon 5D Mk III
Canon 60D

Premiere Pro
After Effects

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Some of My Work

The Page Girls
Unreal Candy

The Page Girls

Project Type: Front End Design + Build
Personal Clients

This project presented a new and exciting challenge for me: a digital magazine organized into weekly issues, with each issue preserving its own aesthetic.

The initial task was to create a system that would allow content to be published and grouped in batches, in a way that was easy to use for the site editors. The design also needed to accommodate the varying length of each issue, which ranged from 4-8 articles each week.

To achieve this, I designed and developed a custom Drupal theme using a number of modules and built-in features. For each issue, articles were linked together by tags and displayed using the Views module. A separate tagging system allowed readers to peruse content by category, independent of the issue-for example, "Reviews" or "Essays."

The second task was to ensure the website looked beautiful across all devices. I implemented a responsive design, creating modified and elegant experiences for tablets and phones.

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Project Type: Front End Build
Agency: Hark Digital

Unreal set out on a mission to "unjunk" America's favorite candy, using natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Their new website needed to reflect this goal, with a bold aesthetic to match.

I worked closely with the team at Hark Digital to bring this website to life. Using PSDs generated by the design department, I collaborated with fellow developers to custom code a responsive, interactive theme for Drupal. The theme was built upon the Zen framework and used SASS.

We took a divide-and-conquer approach to the site. I owned the section for "The Candy," which encompassed the section's landing page and the nutritional pages for each type of candy. I implemented a number of interactive elements, including CSS3 animations and content that displayed on hover. Each page was responsive, adapting elegantly to all devices.

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Project Type: Front End Build
Agency: Hark Digital

Lively respects the privacy of older adults with a way to measure healthy living patterns while giving family members insight when help may be needed. A new startup based in San Francisco, they needed a marketing website that would demonstrate the value of their product prior to launch.

I built the website in HTML, using INDD designs provided by Lively. The design included a number of interactive features. On the homepage, a slideshow rotated automatically beneath text and a "play video" button. When the button was clicked, the slideshow would pause and a video would gracefully load on top. The effect was reversed after the video completed or when the user clicked anywhere else on the page.

The website also required several integrations with Lively's own internal systems: a log-in for a user dashboard, a customer care section, and a Celery shopping cart for pre-orders.

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"Julia is a dive-right-in, roll-up-your-sleeves, get good work done go-getter. She has an artist's eye, a leader's confidence, and an unstoppable curiosity and drive to learn. She's a problem-solver, a thinker, and an obvious asset whose work speaks for itself."

Briee Della Rocca
Creative Director, Bennington College

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